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PTSD Healing Poetry

As a former Social Worker specializing in helping homeless Veterans find resources for Mental Health/PTSD, chemical/alcohol dependency, food, clothing, shelter, VA connections, and housing I found that self-medication (through alcohol) was the mechanism of choice. This was true for women and men who had been sexually abused in the military and even in homeless shelters by their peers. Having had two bouts of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) myself, I was able to identify with their sorrows. The difference was that I had connected in a special way through inspired rhyme from the Divine to combat the effects of PTSD. This gift in rhyme from the Divine allows a negative emotion or two to be safely removed without reliving any trauma! Risa Ruse

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PTSD Healing Poetry

There is a disease of the mind called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It can effect any person at any time in their lives. Depending on the way the person is able to handle the trauma (such as a strong support system and connection to their Higher Power) it may last a short amount of time or typically 10 years. This is how long it took me to feel safe enough to let the repression out. The first time it came when I was 21 years old on my wedding day. I felt a release of JOY after holding onto the anger and loneliness after losing my mother to suicide when I was 11. Then this bubbled bliss lasted for about 11 years and then came back again after a sex abuse trauma I suffered as a mother with 4 children. It was only after becoming unemployed for these past 3 years have I had the time I needed to face all the emotions that blocked my JOY. This was achieved through my continued connection to the Divine inspired in rhyme. My goal now is to share this blessing that I received from my connection to Eternal Spirit who is also called, Jesus Christ. If you Google the keywords, PTSD Healing Poetry, you will see that I am not alone in using rhyme to heal from being brokenhearted. The difference is that my poetry heals an emotion or two at a time (making it safe to face) without reliving the trauma. In order to be truly whole we must leave the past behind and live in the present thinking only positive thoughts.

Yours in healing rhyme,

Risa Ruse

Poetry/articles to share in this healing of PTSD


  1. For those that are interested in hearing and seeing an example of the poem written about the painting you are seeing of the ViperFish that describes how the terror of such a fish representing FEAR has been transformed into a whimsical portrait. Thus, losing its power and giving it back once healed from PTSD. Click here:

  2. For those that have had trauma and sorrow in their lives "life has not been a box of chocolates". Although, it is what we do from that point on that is pivotal to either staying "stuck" or asking a power beyond us in Holy Spirit to give us the strength and courage to move forward.