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PTSD Healing Poetry

As a former Social Worker specializing in helping homeless Veterans find resources for Mental Health/PTSD, chemical/alcohol dependency, food, clothing, shelter, VA connections, and housing I found that self-medication (through alcohol) was the mechanism of choice. This was true for women and men who had been sexually abused in the military and even in homeless shelters by their peers. Having had two bouts of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) myself, I was able to identify with their sorrows. The difference was that I had connected in a special way through inspired rhyme from the Divine to combat the effects of PTSD. This gift in rhyme from the Divine allows a negative emotion or two to be safely removed without reliving any trauma! Risa Ruse

Friday, November 4, 2011

Spiritual Insight On Connecting to God Through The Pure of Heart

Soup Kitchen wisdom from visitor “JokeMan” said,“Teach our children how to pray together for the world because God listens to a pure heart!”  After Tweeting this for JokeMan I was inspired to write a poem in honor of the event published here:

Your article 'Reading PTSD Poetry Produced a Pure of Heart Tweet' has been accepted:

Here's to children's prayer groups to teach adults how to pray with a clean heart!


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